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How Environmental Psychology Influences Interior Design and Decoration The moment people hear about psychology, they immediately think about mental illness and getting treated by a therapist. While psychology has a lot to do with the mind and mental illness, there is a whole world to it that many people remain oblivious about. One of the most interesting fields of psychology is Environmental psychology, which deal s with mental processes and their relationship with the the environment. Your thought processes and emotion are essentially influenced by what you see in the environment. Not only that, the environment also makes you have specific thought patterns. Environmental psychological principles are employed by designers and architects constantly in the work they do. People interpret beauty in a variety of ways depending on what the environment looks like to them. Below are some of the things one can consider while arranging furniture to bring about a specific outcome. Efficient Use of Space
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Being able to make proper judgments when it comes to using space is considered a plus in environmental psychology. Man never lacks in terms of resources, what might lack is the ability of using the seemingly limited resources in a productive manner. Everyone has their own size of space. One’s house can be quite tiny, while another’ persons space could be bigger. It is also possible that some people have the same size of space. Nevertheless, how the furniture is arranged will influence whether the room looks spacious or not. When dealing with a smaller living room space, you should ensure that the type of living room furniture you have compliments that space. Furniture with straight edges can work perfectly in such a situation. Straight edged furniture makes the space feel less cluttered and less congested and at the same time makes it possible for you to maintain the same capacity of people you would have seated in the room.
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The Shape of the Furniture Space and shapes tend to go together. However, one may end up emphasizing more on the shape of the furniture when dealing with identical rooms. However, the shape of the space can dictate whether the environment appears squeezed or spacious. If it is a living room, you definitely do not want people feeling like they are too squeezed. People will always appreciate their own space even if it is in a family setting. The Position of the Furniture It is very interesting to watch how humans interact. This is because depending on the environment, men and women interact differently. For instance, men that are friends will tend to sit across from each other rather than next to each other. However, women prefer sitting next to their friends and across other women they do not know. However, one has to identify the context of the environment in order to adequately plan for arrangement of furniture. Context is important because, furniture arrangement at a corporate place, should be different from furniture arrangement at home and vice versa.