The Dolphin Quantum: Your Best Resource for Robotic Pool Cleaning

With the summer weather approaching, it’s not surprising that people are thinking about finding some relief from the heat. One of the best ways to get that relief is with a pool. However, the one downside that many people experience with owning a pool its maintenance, especially keeping the pool clean. That is where a product like the Dolphin Quantum can make a huge difference in the amount of time a person has to commit to keeping their pool clean.

The Quantum is a motorized pool cleaner. It is extremely effective at keeping all areas of the pool clean without having to skim the top of the pool or scrubbing the bottom or the walls in order to make sure it stays clean.

When the Quantum is first being used, it will simply be plugged into a power socket with a special GFI adapter to ensure that no power surges damage the power outlet or the robotic pool cleaning unit. From there, for the first 15 to 20 minutes, the Quantum will move around the pool at a high rate of speed.

What the cleaner is doing is learning the dimensions of the pool. Once the dimensions have been explored by the cleaner, then the actual cleaning will take place. The robotic cleaner will scale the walls, scour along the bottom and move about the top to remove any debris such as leaves, dirt, hair or anything else that happens to fall in the pool. The amount of time it will take the cleaner to finish the job can be anywhere from about two to two and a half hours depending on the size of the pool.

If you’re tired of having to commit a great deal of time every day to making sure your pool is as clean as possible, a robotic pool cleaner can make things a great deal easier. With this cleaner’s ability to take care of something that would have to be taken care of by hand on a daily basis, it’s a great way to keep the pool clean and help free up some spare time so you can enjoy your pool a bit more this summer.