The Advantages of Gas vs Wood Burning Fire Pits

Homeowners in Colorado love Denver’s friendly atmosphere and beautiful views. One of the best ways to appreciate both of these benefits of living in Colorado’s biggest city is to install a backyard fire pit for the appreciation of residents and their guests. After all, fire pits in Denver create a perfect environment to socialize or to relax with friends and family after a long day.

Wood Fire Pits

When most homeowners think of fire pits, they imagine a classic wood fire. There is something inherently comforting and pleasant about sitting next to a wood fire. Not only does it create a warm and welcoming environment for guests, but it also gives the family an excuse to spend some time outdoors and make the best possible use of their yard space.

It’s hard to beat the comfort offered by the sounds of crackling wood, the smell of the fire, and the overall aesthetic that it offers to just about any outdoor space. In addition to being more natural, wood fire pits are also less expensive to use and to maintain. They are also noticeably larger than gas fire pits.

Gas Fire Pits

Not all neighborhoods will approve wood-burning backyard fire pits. Additionally, some homeowners in neighborhoods that do find that replenishing their stock of firewood and keeping termites and other invasive pests out of their wood fires is just more trouble than its worth. That’s where gas fire pits come in.

Gas fire pits provide a similar aesthetic without the smoke and the mess. All that is needed to enjoy a fire any time is a tank for fuel and a lighter to start it up. The simplicity of this kind of system is one of the most frequently cited advantages of gas fires.

Those who suffer from asthma or smoke sensitivities tend to find that wood fires sometimes irritate their conditions. This problem can also be avoided by installing a gas fire pit. Incredibly, scents are now available that mimic the natural smell of burning wood in order to bring an extra bit of authenticity to gas burning pits as well.

The Right Choice for Any Yard

With plenty of options as to size and fuel source, there’s no reason that any homeowner with a yard need pass up the experience of enjoying a fire from the comfort of home. Learn more online today.