Hypoallergenic Titanium Bands Keep Growing in Popularity

Many people are allergic to the nickel jewelry manufacturers put into metal when creating various jewelry products and eye ware. Those individuals know immediately by the itch of their ear, or the rash that may appear days later, even after the offensive piece has been taken off. There are countless individuals who can not wear metal eye ware frames because of allergic reactions. Its for this reason, many choose to wear rings, earrings and eye frames that are made of titanium. It’s strong, and people are extremely happy when they don’t get a reaction from wearing it.

The titanium bands worn today are hypoallergenic, very lightweight, resilient, and they don’t corrode. Some are infused with 14 or 18 carat gold and chosen as wedding bands. People feel very fortunate when they can finally wear a jewelry item that won’t cause a rash when worn. Titanium is extremely strong, and it’s also quite expensive, although not as expensive as gold or silver. It’s definitely worth the cost simply because it’s not toxic. If a person wearing a titanium ring must have it removed by cutting, it’s strength is compatible to steel. A gold ring would be easier to cut through than the titanium ring.

Allergic reactions to those wearing other than titanium eyeglass frames can be miserable to the wearer, especially during physical activity of working outdoors, and perspiring. The frames or bands can be put through an anodizing process and the resulting oxide coating will cause the titanium to change colors resulting in brown, blue, orange, yellow, various shades of blue and aqua.

Titanium is not only used to make jewelry such as wedding bands. It’s lightweight, strong, and water resistant which makes it ideal to be used in the shipping and airplane industries. It has grown in popularity since it was introduced to the marketplace during the 1990s and many jewelry stores specialize in titanium pieces. They can combine it with other metals such as aluminum or copper depending on the specific hardness they want their jewelry pieces to contain.

People who do a lot of swimming in the ocean can wear their titanium jewelry without fear that it’ll be ruined by the salty sea water. Jewelry items made from titanium are very resistant, strong, and at the same time beautiful.