Creating a Truly Luxurious Bed

Beds are where people retreat at night from the day’s cares. This is ideally where a person can rest after a hard day at work. One way to help get a better night’s sleep is by creating a luxurious bed. Beds that are luxurious invite people to stretch out and help them feel more relaxed. Creating a luxurious bed can be done in many ways. It is best to consider all aspects of the bed from the mattress to the bedding to the colors used. A luxurious bed is where all elements of the room are in perfect harmony. When choosing items like a duvet cover for the bed, keep in mind specifics. This should include the size of the bedding, the fabric and the colors.

Bedding Size

Effective bedding will cover as much of the bed as possible. Create a luxurious feel by going up a size. For example, use a queen sized linen duvet cover on a twin bed. The extra fabric creates warm and inviting folds that immediately call to mind upscale bedding and the chance to be enveloped in great comfort. For a large bed, consider having two comforters. One can go on one side of the bed and the other on the other side. This means that two people can have their own personal comforters when sleeping. One person might like a larger comforter filled with down while the other person prefers to have something smaller and less warm.

The Type of Fabric

Another consideration is the type of fabric used on the bed and on any bedding. Varied bedroom fabrics are available. Cotton is soft and easy to clean but may pucker over time. Many people love the feel of silk. Silk is very cool the touch and takes bright dyes easily. Another option is linen. Linen is ideal for bedding that is elegant and upscale. Linen also has other advantages. It’s easy to care for and can be washed again and again. When it’s washed, it often looks better and feels softer over time as the water helps add texture and patina. When shopping for fabric, look for fabric that works for the season you have in mind such as summer or winter.

Color and Other Elements

Fabric and size are important. So is color. A color such as understated icy blue can help the entire room feel pleasant and a gateway to good dreams. A neutral color such as salmon, French Blue, earth brown or lead grey can also help people get a restful night’s sleep. Colors should appeal to the occupant the second they walk in the room. Many people look for colors that fade and don’t get in their way when they sleep. Darker colors like navy can also help with sleep as they help block out any additional light from the room and keep it free of unwanted light. A carefully thought out color scheme is a great way to get a luxurious bedroom.